Ryan Kuba

Tijuana, Mexico · (847) 250-7588 · ryankuba@gmail.com

The cloud is just someone else's computer not magic, someone has to make it all look like it is. I specialize in taking extremely technical operations and turning them into something anybody can use.


Developer Person


General open source work. Main concetration on Taisun.io, the first Docker project of it's kind with an emphasis on single server home or small business managment. Allowing the community to put a web based face in front of their amazing applications.

August 2017 - Present

All Hats

Vigor Systems Inc.

Leading the charge on overhauling and providing a single pane of glass for a large development team to interact with daily. Providing the tools needed to ensure uptime and weekly releases for a platform pushing billions of dollars worth of media through it. Pwning Noobs at weekend Lan parties.

March 2016 - August 2017

Sr System Engineer


Management and support of the infrastructure building and testing the Android project. Implementation of compilation optimizations and infrastructure/process changes. Providing self service web portals for previously manual machine management work.

March 2014 - March 2015

Systems Engineer

Vigor Systems Inc.

Full time management of thousands of remote Linux servers in varying environments. Part time database and central site infrastructure administrator. Implementation of release process encompassing server refurbishment and remote machine upgrades.

March 2011 - March 2014

System Admin


B2B support consultant for large deployments of colocated and managed servers. Implementation of remote imaging software for Data Centers containing tens of thousands of servers. Assistance in deploying and managing hundereds of customer applications as a trusted advisor.

May 2010 - Febuary 2011


Illinois State University

Bachelor of Science
Marketing - Minor in Economics
May 2007

College of Lake County

Associates Degree
May 2004


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Single Server completely web based Docker and Host level management
  • Full AWS infrastructure deployments including Configuration Management for Billion dollar applications
  • Complete ground up development operations, providing a web based interface as a single pane of glass
  • Custom Imaging system directly integrated with IPMI and bootstrapping of systems through PXE
  • Single Click continuous release bundling 50+ repositories into a live platform upgrade
  • 5x Compilation Optimization for one of the worlds largest software projects - Android
  • Custom Hybrid Cloud solution with integrated web based Virtual Desktop Infrasturcture for management
  • Single Click Openstack deployment and PXE bootstrapping of systems to add to Cinder, Nova, or Ceph